The board

The Tal Fund Administration is overseen by a committee comprised of the Board of Trustees along with the Committee of Professional Referees.


Present membership:

  • Chair, Prof. Alon Tal,  Department of Public Policy, Tel Aviv University, founder of the Israel Union for Environmental Defense (Adam Teva v’din), Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Past member, Board of Directors - KKL/JNF

  • Dr. Noah Efron, on Science, Technology & Society, Bar Ilan University, Member, Host of the “Promised Podcast”, Former Member of Tel Aviv City Council

  • Dr. Orr Karassin, Open University, Lecturer in Law and Environmental Regulation, Past Director, Life and Environment, NGO umbrella group, KKL/ JNF Board of Directors. 

  • Dr. Yonina Rosenthal, Technion University, Emirtus Senior Lecturer

  • Mr. Bill Slott, Tour Guide, Environmental activist.

  • Dr. Aliza Stark, Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment

  • Dr. David Tal, Environmental Chemist

  • Ms. Robyn Tal, Research coordinator, NALA Foundation, Business executive and hydrologist

  • Ms. Hadas Tal, University of California, San Francisco Medical School, Past Chair, NOAM – Masorti Youth Movement, Israel

  • Dr. Na’ama Teschner, The Technion, Faculty of Architecture and Planning

  • Tal Fund coordinator, Ms. Liat Oshry

  • Ms. Liat David, web designer

The following are the specific authorities vested in the Fund Administration:

  1. Determination of the amount of annual grants offered by the Tal Fund

  2. Oversight of the financial management of the Tal Funds

  3. Approval of grants recommended by the Panel of Professional Referees

  4. Oversight of dispersal of grants by the Tal Fund

  5. Stipulation of the reporting procedures of recipients

  6. Review of implementation reports in consultation with the Advisory Committee

  7. Responsibility for publicizing the Fund's activities

  8. Fundraising on its behalf

  9. Determination of all operational procedures, such as grant-making; communications between the different bodies of the fund, web-site review, coordination with the International Advisory Committee, frequency of meetings, etc.

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