Grant Spotlight

The residents of Modi'in are teaming together to save the last ecological corridor in the city. It holds incredible historical ties and biodiversity.

Saving the Last Ecological Corridor in Israel’s Central Heartland: A Grant to Modi’in’s Influencing Citizens

The Climate March, a way to educate and encourage others to live a sustainable lifestyle, will be held on March 13th, 2019 and this grant will help promote this inspiring event.

The Israel National Climate March: Mobilizing the Israeli Public to Help Save the Planet

Grant made to 'Life and Environment',  the umbrella organization for environmental groups in Israel to support their participation in the recent study entitled: “Israel 2050 – a Crowded Future”

Supporting the Israel 2050 Study and National Conference on a Crowded Future

Researching the detrimental effects of Rotem Industrial zone pollution in the Boqeq stream in an effort to bring it to the attention of Israel’s Ministry of Health and Water Authority

Support for a Class Action Suit Against Pollution in the Boqeq Stream

committed to preserving and nurturing many of the natural, green areas in and around the city of Haifa

Yarok B'lev (green heart)