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According to its by-laws the Board confers with a professional advisory committee. Membership on the panel is rotational, with tenure lasting six years, staggered so that every two years, new members can be added and members can step down. The Chair of the Tal Fund Board also sits as chair of the Panel of Professional Referees. Past members may be invited to attend as observers and members of the Board are invited to attend Panel meetings.

As an independent body, the role of the Panel of Professional Referees is to ensure the integrity of the grants made. When needed, the Panel will invite experts to advise them. The Panel recommends priorities for Tal Fund activities, reviews requests for funding, and assists in prioritizing grants. This committee also participates in establishing specific reporting requirements for grantees, including definition of performance indicators. The Panel is expected to assist in oversight, including the conducting of site visits to recipient organizations.

The following individuals have agreed to serve as initial members of the The Panel of Professional Referees:

  • Professor Alon Tal, Panel chair, Ben Gurion University, Sede Boqer
  • Dr. Noah Efron, Bar Ilan University, Chair, Philosophy of Science Dpt., B'nei Brak
  • Mr. Bill Slott, Keren Kolot Educational Programs, Kibbutz Ketura
  • Dr. Aliza Stark, Hebrew University, Agriculture Faculty, Rehovoth
  • Dr. Yonina Rosenthal, The Technion (IIT), Haifa
  • Dr. David Tal, Haifa, Formerly Research Triangle Institute, Analytical Chemist