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Past Grants

Citizens for the Galilee Advocacy, enforcement efforts against polluters of Galilee Streams 10,000 
Modi’in Branch of SPNI Campaign to study effects of anticipated doubling in size of city (scientific documentation of preservation priorities.) 20,000 
The Neighborhood Committee For Railway Park (Jerusalem)  Rock Concert (Hadag Nachash) and rally to protect old railway lines instead of major highway artery proposed by the city. 20,000 
Green Course
(Student Network)
Campaign to support new air quality legislation. Due to vigorous public involvement the law passed, despite government hesitation. 40,000 Grants in 2007, 2008
Coalition to Save Palmachim Beaches   Demonstration and general support to save Palmachim Beach After four years of support in, 2010 campaign succeeded. 90,000Grants in 2008 (50,000) and 2010 (40,000)
Green and Blue Association: Save HabonimDemonstration to Preserve one the last wild Mediterranean beaches. 10,000 
Eilat International Bird Center Improving handicap accessibility for birding, educational activities. 10,000 
Ramot Citizens Committee Successful legal action to stop building new neighborhood on Mispeh Naftoah, major urban reserve and home to Jerusalem gazelle herd.20,000  
Green and Blue AssociationDemonstration against illegal emissions by Carmel Chemical Corp.  in Atlit. (Event was largest Israeli air pollution protest ever) 5,000 
Citizens Committee to Save TimnaMusic Disc Production for mass distribution of song by leading Israeli rock singers to support preservation of Timna Park’s “Emeq Sasgon” in opposition to proposed hotel complex 20,000 
Shomera for Environment  (Jerusalem)Preparation of transportation plan to show alternative to Road16 expansion and massive overpasses in Jerusalem Forest. 69,000 Grants in 2007, 2008, 2009
Green Rahat Establishment of playground and open space beautification  50,000 
Life and Environment Support for participation by representatives Israeli environmental Groups at UN Climate Change Convention at Copenhagen. 9,400 
“Healthy Arava” (SABABA)Campaign to prevent mining of sand dunes in biodiversity hotspot35,000 Grants in 2008 (20,000) and 2009 (15,000)
Cook Workshop, held at the Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research on climate sensitive architecture and sustainable planning in dryland cities.Cook Workshop for Sustainable Dryland Architecture, 2008 74,720 
Cook WorkshopCook Prize for Achievement in Climate Sensitive Architecture, 2008 19,600 
EcocinemaSupporting Ecocinema Festival 2009 15,000 
Green Rahat    Support educational program to raise awareness for the environment within the city 5,000 
Dialog - Man and Environment in the GalileeSupport public action to protect Nahal Betset15,000 
Organizations forum to protect state lands (Via Life & Environment)

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