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Current Grants

Ein Karem Community Action Committee Support for legal action to preserve Jerusalem village character and stop massive development project.  30,000
Ecocinema Supporting the first Solar Ecocinema Festival 5,000 
Save Harish Supporting local citizens efforts to protect National Park from development project that would devestate unique local ecosystems.  30,000
Green Course Campaign to oppose new Ashkelon coal-fired plant.  25,800
Green Course Support the Packaging Law Campaign.   20,000
Israel Union for Envir. Defense Emergency grant to cover court ordered deposit to enjoin quarrying.  50,000
Camp Ramah, Israel A grant to support environmental and clean-up activities in Israeli summer camp.  30,000
ACHLA Assistance to local citizen groups in the Herzliyah-Ramat HaSharon region who are confronting the legacy of toxic pollution by the Israeli Military Industries.  20,000
Hanaton Educational Center Suport for establishing a environmental education program in the Galilee.  20,000
Green Rahat Establishment of the first playground in Rahat, the Negev's second largest city, as part of a local beautification project.  50,000
Cook Workshop, held at the Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research on climate sensitive architecture and sustainable planning in dryland cities. Cook Workshop for Sustainable Dryland Architecture, 2010 ~ 72,000
Cook Workshop Cook Prize for Achievement in Climate Sensitive Architecture, 2010 ~ 19,000
Citizens Committee to Save Timna Support preservation of Timna Park’s “Emeq Sasgon” in opposition to proposed hotel complex  10,000
Green and Blue Association Campaign against the construction of a Natural Gas Refinery at Hof Carmel   20,000
Tel Aviv Sustainable Campaign to promote new transportation strategy that emphasizes Transport Coalition upgraded bus service and incentives for public transport users.
Nitzanit action committee Campaign against construction of a new city that would devestate unique local ecosystems. 20,000
Tichnun4all Campaign to change the Planning & Building Reform Bill 10,000
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