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The Tal Fund focuses primarily on grass-roots activism; therefore it does not limit its support to non-profit Israeli organizations (amutot), but may support individual work or projects. Currently, the Tal Fund does not accept unsolicited proposals but works proactively. In general, organizations and individual initiatives are identified directly by the Board of Trustees and the Panel of Professional Referees. The Board may call for proposals regarding a particular environmental challenge. There may be instances when a specific environmental problem is identified by the Fund. At that time, a call for proposals will be issued.

In addition, there is ongoing contact with the director of Life and Environment (Haim U'Sviva) - the umbrella group for Israel's 90 environmental organizations - to identify important new projects and initiatives. In the inevitable event of unanticipated environmental challenges, queries may be directed to the Tal Fund directly, or via the offices of Life and Environment.

The applicant’s specific objectives must be defined so that proper evaluation of the grant can be made for future reference. For each grant awarded, a list of performance indicators and reporting requirements are established. These are designed to be simple and direct so as not to overwhelm recipients with undue paperwork. The Tal Fund has a policy of transparency, and therefore information is regularly updated on its web site in order to keep the public informed.

Liat Oshry,
Jan 24, 2011, 11:19 AM