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The Tal Fund Administration is overseen by a committee comprised of the Board of Trustees along with the Committee of Professional Referees. Present membership:
  • Chair, Prof. Alon Tal,  Department of Desert Ecology, Ben Gurion University, member of Board of Directors, KKL/JNF, founder of the Israel Union for Environmental Defense, Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.
  • Dr. Ben Zion Bar Lavie, Director of Education, KKL/JNF.
  • Dr. Noah Efron, Chairman Program on Science, Technology & Society, Bar Ilan University, Member, Tel Aviv City Council.
  • Dr. Orr Karassin, Sapir College Law School, lecturer in environmental law, Member of KKL Board of Directors.  Past Director, Life and Environment, NGO umbrella group.
  • Dr. Yonina Rosenthal, Technion University, Emirtus Senior Lecturer
  • Mr. Bill Slott, Tour Guide, environmental activist.
  • Dr. Aliza Stark, Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment
  • Dr. David Tal, Environmental Chemist
  • Ms. Robyn Tal, Business executive and hydrologist.
  • Ms. Hadas Tal, Chair, NOAM – Masorti Youth Movement, Israel.

Tal Fund coordinator, Ms. Liat Oshry

The following are the specific authorities vested in the Fund Administration:

  • Determination of the amount of annual grants offered by the Tal Fund;
  • Oversight of the financial management of the Tal Funds;
  • Approval of grants recommended by the Panel of Professional Referees;
  • Oversight of dispersal of grants by the Tal Fund;
  • Stipulation of the reporting procedures of recipients;
  • Review of implementation reports in consultation with the Advisory Committee;
  • Responsibility for publicizing the Fund's activities;
  • Fundraising on its behalf;
  • Determination of all operational procedures, such as grant-making; communications between the different bodies of the fund, web-site review, coordination with the International Advisory Committee, frequency of meetings, etc.